13th International Architecture Exhibition. Common Ground (2012)

Culture under Construction

Culture under Construction responded to the theme of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia to show the collectivity of cultural spaces in Mexico. The pavilion took advantage of the facade of the Church of San Lorenzo to show projects that rehabilitate the Mexican architectural heritage by conferring new uses of space in cultural centers, libraries, museums, galleries, cinemas, plazas, parks and other spaces for culture, with a panoramic where the diversity of proposals and generations focused on cultural constructions is a sample of its own wealth.

The pavilion integrated interviews with the architects and an acoustic experience as a mobile laboratory of constructive processes to explore the limits of what can be achieved with architectural projects in cultural spaces, as well as the potential of their design principles. To complement the project of the pavilion, thirteen booklets explain the projects through photographs, architectural plans and descriptive texts.


Bgp Arquitectura (Bernardo Gomez, Alejandro Sánchez;Taller de Arquitectura (Mauricio Rocha Iturbide)

Arquitectura911sc (Jóse Castillo Oléa, Saidee Springall del Villar)

JSa Arquitectura (Javier Sánchez)

Josévigilarquitectos (José Vigil)


Tatiana Bilbao S.C (Tatiana Bilbao)

Rojkind arquitectos (Michel Rojkind)

LEGORRETA+ LEGORRETA (Ricardo Legorreta, Victor Legorreta)

FRIDA ESCOBEDO taller (Frida Escobedo)

TGL Arquitectos (Teodoro Gonzaléz de León)

TEN ARQUITECTOS (Enrique Norten)

TAX (Alberto Kalach)

Autoridad del Espacio Público (Felipe Leal, Daniel Escotto)

Fernanda Canales

Curator: Miquel Adrià

Commissioner: Gastón Ramírez Feltrín