14th International Architecture Exhibition. Fundamentals (2014)

Condemned to be Modern

Condemned to be Modern displayed two speeches. The first one, determined by eight thematic panels; and the other, from a luminous ellipse in which was presented interviews and historical events related to Mexican architecture. The eight panels illustrated the modernization process of the country and the central piece was conformed as a projection room that represents the complexity of the figures, scenes and components that make up Mexico.

Both the panels and the envelope functioned as doors in which emblematic and paradigmatic works about the process of modernization of Mexico were shown under the titles: The Search for a Path, Social Concerns, Dialogues with Masters, Building the City on a Large Scale, Materials and Techniques, Integrating the Arts, International Modernity and Building Community.

Participants: Catherine R. Ettinger, Salvador Quiroz, Gustavo Avilés

Curatorship: Julio Gaeta/Luby Springall

Commissioner: María Margarita Segarra Lagunes