16th International Architecture Exhibition. Freespace (2018)

Echoes of a Land

The curatorial proposal for the Pavilion of Mexico in the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia proposes an approach to the territory, the formal abstraction of architecture and its human experience. By emphasizing the imaginary, cultural and geographical load of architecture, the Pavilion of Mexico responds to the theme Freespace and bases the links among freedom of imagination, interaction with the intangible and the incorporation of cultural heritage. The palimpsest of the collective Mexican imaginary is distributed in several layers that persist on geographies and parallelisms of a common territory.

The proposal evidences the superpositions that make up topographies of symbolic, historical, cultural and natural high density. Product of an open announcement in which 213 projects from 15 states of the Mexican Republic were received, 21 proposals were chosen with the objective to show the echoes between the landscape and the architectural thought of the participants who integrate the official selection. The critical and inquisitive look was determined in the understanding of the vulnerability that represented the morphology of a complex and changing territory but, at the same time, fertile for architecture.


Alejandro Guerrero + Andrea Soto | Atelier ARS
Luis Enrique Flores + Armida Fernández | Estudio ALA
Manuel Cervantes | CC Arquitectos 
Javier Muñoz | Muñoz Arquitectos y Asociados 
Héctor Barroso | Taller Héctor Barroso
Carlos González Lobo + María Eugenia Hurtado
Andrés Soliz + Lazbent Escobedo | Escobedo Soliz
Jorge Arvizu + Ignacio del Río + Emmanuel Ramírez + Diego Ricalde | Estudio MMX
Salvador Macías + Magui Peredo | Macías Peredo 
César Guerrero + Ana Cecilia Garza + Carlos Flores + María Sevilla | S-AR 
Enrique Norten | TEN Arquitectos
Isaac Broid + PRODUCTORA (Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, Wonne Ickx)
Mario Schjetnan | Grupo Diseño Urbano 
Alonso de Garay | Taller ADG
Javier Sánchez | JSa
Mariana Ordóñez | Comunal: Taller de Arquitectura + Onnis Luque
Alejandro Sánchez + Mariza Flores | Taller T6A 
Juan Carral | JC Arquitectura 
Enrique Lastra | Sackbé
Juan Carlos Cano + Paloma Vera | CANO VERA
Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo | Taller de Arquitectura Rocha + Carrillo 

Curator: Gabriela Etchegaray

Commissioner: Gabriela Gil Verenzuela